At Ya-Sin Institute, we offer a variety of carefully structured courses designed and taught by teachers with a sound chain of transmission (isnad). Both accessible and relevant, our courses promote an accurate and balanced understanding of the spiritual, ethical and legal dimensions of Muslim faith and practice.

Ya-Sin Institute’s mission is to play a positive role in making the Prophetic Legacy a living reality for Muslims living in the contemporary world—a Prophetic Legacy that encompasses leadership, education and spirituality.

Mercy and wisdom are attributes of our Creator and also qualities of our Beloved Master Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He was sent as a mercy (rahmah) and he taught wisdom (hikmah). These two salient qualities define his legacy; to live mercy was his ‘vision’, and to teach wisdom was his ‘mission’. It was through his sublime mercy and wisdom that mischief and corruption were replaced with peace and justice. Hearts were softened, attitudes changed, and by moving away from egoism to building a community of mutual love and respect, people of apathy became people of empathy. The time of ignorance (jahiliyyah) came to an end. We hope that Ya-Sin Institute is graced with the blessings of such beauty.


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