Al Futuwwa Youth Enrichment Programme


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  • Date(s)

    Saturday 08 November 2014
  • Tickets

    £25 monthly
    £20 siblings
  • Teacher(s)

    Ustadh Abd al Rahman al-Azhari
  • Location

    Ya Sin Institute, 2 Russell Street, Nelson, BB9 7NZ

With the constant bombardment of the toxins of popular culture how do young people keep their hearts at bay?

Between the two extremes, how does a teenager develop a balanced approach to the challenges of life, both in principal and practice?

This programme is a culmination of much reflection and Insha Allah will prove to be indispensable to the holistic development of young people.

Building upon the rudiments of ones faith and tradition, the course will explore in detail the great ethical and spiritual legacy of Islam. Students will discover the great virtues that marked the epic journey of the carriers of light and wisdom.

The men and women who lived wholesome lives, contributing to the well being of humanity. The parents, the children, the siblings, the scholars, the teachers, the writers, the reformers, the businessmen, the architects, the farmers, the skilled and the semi skilled.

What core values united them irrespective of their cultures, backgrounds and localities? What was their most powerful form of community cement? It was indeed the grace of Adab infused into them. Adab for the Merciful Creator and Adab for His beautiful creation. They were men and women of virtues, ethics and morals.

Imbued with certitude, cultivated with modesty, nurtued with love, they advanced in all facets of humanitarian works epitomising Prophetic excellence in worship and service, in word and deed, with soul and heart, with body and mind.

We find them in the Divine speech of Allah as follows:

‘Verily men and women utter in their submission to Allah; And men and women who truly believe; And men and women devoted in adoration; And men and women true in word and deed; And men and women ever steadfast in patience; And men and women humbled in dread and awe; And men and women who expend in charity; And men and women who fast; And men and women who keep wholly chaste; And men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared for all of them a mighty forgiveness and a rich reward.’

We must kindle the fire of love, wisdom and mercy into the hearts of young people. We must not rest until that is done. It is their right and our obligation. We must come together to share the blessings of sacred learning transmitted from heart to heart; generation to generation.

For further information or to register please send email or ring 07475 423409. Click on poster.


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